British wine

English wine has come a long way! Just like other Northern European countries have profited from better cool climate grapes and warmer seasons. Especially the similarity with Champagne has resulted in some great sparkling wines from Wales!


When Henry VIII came into power in 1509, 139 vineyards were recorded, 11 of which produced as Royal vineyards, dedicated to the monarchy.

Wine Regions


English or Welsh Wine is made from fresh grapes grown here in England (or Wales) and produced in UK wineries. All of the UKVA members grow grapes to produce this type of wine.

British Wine, however, is not the same thing at all. It is the product of imported grapes or grape concentrate that is made into wine in Britain. ‘British’ wines are not wines as defined by the EU which specifies that wine can only be the product of fermented freshly crushed grapes. (Source: UKVA)

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